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MGA Business Consulting is a specialized hands-on management consulting firm fully committed to deliver added value to its clients

About Us

The evidence of the existing need in companies to cover certain positions with qualified external resources that offer a combination of experience, skill sets, insights, dedication and passion, in specific periods or projects in the life of companies, was the main reason why Marisa Guitart, an executive with extensive international experience, basing her success story on collaboration with internal teams in several countries on both sides of the Atlantic, created MGA Business Consulting in 1995.

We provide Strategic, Operational, Financial, and Project Management advice to your company, as well as Mentoring and Coaching for CEO’s and  management teams, hold non-executive board roles, and supply practical advice and support in other areas such as CMC, Regulatory, Intellectual Property, Legal Operations, Quality &Audit, to manage your projects and key business challenges. Since 2012, we decided to mainly devote our efforts to support Start-up`s and SME’s, especially in the Health, Life Sciences, and Industry sectors.  

We differ from some large, multi-sector consultancies in that we provide an external perspective that leverages our own previous management experience, mainly within life science companies. We are committed to ensuring that our clients receive a highly professional service and the adequate resources to meet their requirements. Our solutions work in practice – not only on paper – and our main objective is always to achieve the optimum results in the shortest time.

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our Team

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Julià Mesquida

International Finance Consultant

Marco Antonio Moreno

CMC & Regulatory Advisor

José Luis Herreros

Quality & Technical Advisor

Marisa Guitart Amechazurra

International Business Strategy & Operations Consultant

Antonio Jiménez

Legal Operations Advisor

Silvia Calatrava

Quality Management Advisor

Jaime Nieto

Finance & Business Consultant

Miguel Ortiz

Intellectual Property Advisor


After more than 25 years in the business consulting arena, and investing part of our profits in several startup companies and VC’s funds, MGA Business Consulting reaffirms its willingness and commitment to support entrepreneurs and executives. We can complement their work at key moments, to advise and work hand-in-hand with your teams to define the most appropriate strategies, implement effective sustainable Operational, Financial, Legal Operations, CMC, Regulatory, IP, Quality management,  procedures and processes, uphold your teams to develop their skills, and sustain in trouble-shooting any issues that might arise, with the firm aim to achieve the defined milestones and results. 


Understanding risks

Engagement Process

The process by which we engage with a client to undertake a consultancy project typically, but not necessarily, follows around six steps

1. First contact
An initial conversation often takes place by phone or videoconference to make introductions, discuss an opportunity to help, or set up a meeting.
2. Discovery Meeting
An initial meeting when the prospective client describes their situation and objectives, and we share aspects of our experience that are relevant. If there is a good match, an initial discussion takes place regarding a potential scope of engagement.

3. Outline proposal

Based on the discovery meeting, we discuss an outline proposal, detailing how we think we can help, including the objectives, scope of work, timelines and methodology, along with some information on resourcing and costs.
4. Review meeting
Follow up meeting when the prospective client gives feedback on the outline proposal, and we discuss what changes may need to be made.
5. Detailed proposal
We then send a revised proposal with additional detail on the scope of work and timeline, together with a commercial offer or, if already agreed, the contract of services.
6. Kick – Off
A date is agreed to commence the consultancy commission

Modus Operandi

Key features of the way in which we work with clients are

Depending on the nature of the project, our consultants combine working on-site with our clients, with remote working. They can work in any location in Spain, or abroad when required.
We try to resource each project with the optimum blend of experience from within our consultancy team to balance results with costs.
The nature of each project influences how we price our consultancy support. Wherever possible, we try to align our commercial model with the objectives of the project.